Gorgonzola Stuffed Chicken Breasts Wrapped in Bacon

If there was ever a recipe looking for a glass of mead, this is it. Consider each ingredient: gorgonzola = blue cheese. Blue cheese drizzled with honey is a classic pairing; all blue cheeses are great with mead. Bacon. Think bacon and maple syrup, and you can quickly appreciate that bacon and honey, and therefore bacon and mead, is not much of a stretch. The smoky savory flavors of bacon are especially good with oaked (barrel-aged) meads. Chicken is classic with white wine, and similarly classic with wine-style meads. If I was pairing this recipe with a barrel-aged/oaked mead, I would buy smoked chicken breast at the deli. If I was pairing with a non-oaked mead, I'd just use regular chicken. This recipe will be especially good with a full-bodied mead: because the recipe is so rich (bacon and gorgonzola are both high-fat, high-mouthfeel ingredients) you need a mead with some real body and impact. This is not the place for a lightweight mead. Hidden Legend King's Mead, Moonstruck Meadery, Moonlight Meadery, Starrlight Mead, and Saint Ambrose Tupelo mead come to mind