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Chrissie Manion Zaerpoor

Chrissie Manion Zaerpoor is the owner of Kookoolan World Meadery and Kookoolan Farms.

Kookoolan Farms meads have won three Mazer Cup medals - for two different vintages of "Elegance" traditional mead (2014, 2015), and for "Copper" pinot noir pyment (2018).


She’s been a mead enthusiast since about 1980; a home meadmaker since 1997; owner of a licensed commercial meadery since 2009; a founding director of the American Mead Makers’ Association (AMMA), its first Legislative Committee Chair, and Contributing Editor    of    its    quarterly    journal;    owner / operator    of    one    of the world’s first exclusively-mead bottle shops from 2012–2015; and a multi-time medal winner at Mazer Cup International Mead Competition, the world’s largest mead-only competition. She has written a regular mead and food pairing feature for the AMMA’s Journal since 2013, and is a founding member of the Mead Institute.

Previously she was an engineer and engineering manager at Intel Corporation, 1994-2006.

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